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The single father criticized her for returning her daughter’s dog while she was away from home

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Brain Training For Dogs

The man has gone to Reddit to explain how his daughter’s dog returned home while spending the weekend with her mother; he says he should have seen it coming.

Her daughter stopped caring for her dog after she got older
Her daughter stopped caring for her dog after she got older
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Brain Training For Dogs

Having a dog is a huge commitment, and one that requires a lot of thought before jumping into it.

But when he tried to appease his daughter, a heartless man agreed to welcome a Pomeranian puppy home for his “desperate” 13-year-old child.

Explaining how he adopted the dog with the promise that he would walk, feed and clean up after him, the man has squandered his frustrations after his daughter stopped contributing to the care of his dog after he got older.

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Brain Training For Dogs

Speaking on Reddit, he said: “I got divorced about two years ago and ended up with my two children.

“Not long after I moved to a new place, my daughter said she wanted a dog.

“I really didn’t want any, as my son already had a cat and I knew from previous experience with a dog that my daughter contributed very little to her care.

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Brain Training For Dogs

He left his father and brother to clean up after his pet


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“He promised me he would take care of this and I wanted to make sure he was happy living with me, so I finally agreed.

“On his merits, he did a good job during the first year, taking him for a walk, cleaning him afterwards, and so on.

“The second year, however, he dropped the ball. He started doing more extracurricular activities after school, going out with his friends, normal teenage things.

“I was fine with that while she was still taking care of the dog. I paid for all her food and veterinary care, all I had to do was walk her, clean her and feed her. That gradually stopped happening.” .

But a year and a half after getting the dog, the girl stopped caring for him completely, instead of leaving all the work to her 15-year-old father or brother.

“I had to constantly remind him to take care of it as my son and I were the ones who fed and cleaned it afterwards, as he left the urine to the point that it dried on the floor and its feces until it made me stink all over the place. “

“We’ve discussed this countless times to the point where I said that if I couldn’t take care of the dog, then I didn’t deserve to have one.”

At the end of his bond, the 55-year-old created an adoption ad for the dog and ended up returning home while his daughter was at her mother’s house over the weekend.

He said: “I had a lot of interest, so I interviewed and shortlisted several people.

“I didn’t want to accept money for the dog, I just wanted to give it to a family that loves it and takes care of it.

“I went out to see several families and decided to give it to one with two young daughters – nine and 11 years old – with a big backyard so the dog could run and play.

“I did it while my daughter was out with her mother on the weekend. Of course, I was expecting a reaction when she finally got home and found out what she had done, but her reaction was much more beyond my imagination.

“Screaming and throwing things were like something out of a movie. He moved in that day and told me he didn’t want to see me or talk to me again.”

After spending two weeks without any contact from her daughter, the man apologized and admitted that he had been wrong to return his pet home without her leaving, but it was too late.

“She refuses to answer any of my calls or answer my text messages. I told her that I was sorry for what I did, but that the dog was not being treated properly and that I had warned her several times to start. to take care of it. better or that would happen, “he said.

“My ex-wife doesn’t offer any support and she thinks I’m the worst person on the planet, so I’m worried that she will actively discourage my daughter from reconciling.

“My son thinks I did the right thing, but he also told me that his sister takes it seriously when it comes to cutting me off forever.”

While most users agreed that she had made a mistake in returning the dog to her daughter’s back home, others pointed out how she should have known she would end up being her primary caregiver.

One user said, “If you have a dog for a teenager, you have to be fully prepared for the fact that it’s actually your gos . ”

Another user added: “I would say that returning the dog home without first discussing the issues and drawing up an action plan is a bad move.”

A third said, “I understand why you wanted to take the dog home, and it looks like your daughter was being quite irresponsible. But doing it while she’s out, not telling her before is cruel.

“I understand you told him you wouldn’t deserve to have a dog if he couldn’t have one, but you should have said, ‘If you don’t take care of the dog, I’ll start the rehousing process.’ “.

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Brain Training For Dogs

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