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Brain Training For Dogs

Beers to meet this July 4, which include creams, cold IPAs and rescue dogs

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Brain Training For Dogs

Arcs Brewing

In June, Arcs Brewing in Hapeville, Ga., launched its new mango guava sour called Head Held High, which celebrated LGBTQ + Pride Month. Arches Brewing is known in the ATL airport district for producing amazing traditional lagers and organizing a variety of community-oriented events. Arches teamed up with Hapeville Legends, Douglas and Dewey, to name Head Held High, who will be serving Nitro at the tavern for the rest of the summer.

Douglas and Dewey own Douglas Dewey Creative, which produces many shows at Arches: Drag Bingo, Stand Up Comedy, Immersive Theater, Family Friendly Community Events, and more. They are a vital piece of the tavern’s identity and help maintain a crucial pillar of the Arches ethos to be an inclusive and safe space for everyone.

“Head Held High” is intentionally playful. Aiming to evoke the action of being proud of yourself while keeping your head up and a recognition that every beer should have a great head, ”says Douglas McGeoch (she / she), co-owner of Douglas Dewey Creative .

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Brain Training For Dogs

The beer has a sour bite with a soft tropical fruity finish and is ideal for all summer vibes, from hanging out in the backyard cooling in a hammock to watching the sunset with friends.

“Everyone in our community has something positive to share and we look forward to spreading the message to keep your head up on who you are,” said Bradford Shoemaker, brewer at Arches Brewing. “We also wanted to create a light, tropical beer for those hot days in Atlanta. Pouring sour beer styles on nitro is a little out of the ordinary, but we set out to soften the acidity and promote a subtle sweetness of the additions of mango and pink guava. Head Held High is made with generous amounts of wheat and a little lactose to further soften the mouthfeel and create a creamy look. “

Canned second chance of a cold IPA, part of sales to dog rescues

Second Chance Beer Co.

San Diego’s Second Chance Beer Co. launched Easy Livin ’, a 6.4% ABV Cold IPA that pours into its tasting rooms at Carmel Mountain Ranch and North Park. This is the first time the brewery has put a cold IPA in four packs of 16-ounce cans after offering several pilot batches in draft in its tasting rooms throughout the spring. Easy Livin ’is a creation of master brewer Marty Mendiola and head brewer Thomas Mercado and includes a blend of Idaho 7 hops, Ekuanot and Mosaic. It is crispy and clean with notes of peach, blueberry and tropical fruits like pineapple and mango.

“Easy Livin’ is a new interpretation of a basic beer style that highlights the favorite ingredient of hop beer, ”Mendiola and Mercado said together. “This cold IPA is aggressively skipped to get an aroma and flavor of popping hops. A ball of malt silenced with lager yeast was fermented to help make it crispy and clean.

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Brain Training For Dogs

Second Chance donates a portion of sales to San Diego’s Animal Rescue The Animal Pad and Second Chance Dog Rescue, as well as Friends For Life Animal Rescue in Gilbert, Arizona. Like Second Chance Beer Company, these charities are dedicated to rescuing homeless dogs and giving them a second chance at life.

Inspirational gin and tonic beer stands out in the Short’s Brewing Q3 line

Short beer

After its first non-alcoholic release (a sparkling water of hops and lime, made in collaboration with Billy Strings) The beer of the short keeps the summer fantastic for the next three months with lots of interesting releases. What I’m most interested in trying is July’s Melt My Brain: Gin & Tonic Inspired Ale, available in packs of 6 cans and draft with distribution in Michigan and Indiana.

A true testament to Short’s Brewing’s innovation, Melt My Brain is a beer that is brewed like a radler to drink like a cocktail.

“We took a Golden Ale and packed it with two key gin botanicals: coriander and juniper berries, then added a crazy amount of fresh lime. We then mixed this delicious beer with our own homemade tonic water, at the shandy style, to brighten everything up and add an extra level of effervescence. “

The original new brewery of the 1940s debuts with tropical sour beer

Original brewery with 40 heads
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Brain Training For Dogs

The Original 40 Brewing Company Head of beer Zack Kaplan joined the Original 40 in May, returning to San Diego after being the head of beer at Bonfire Brewing in Eagle, Colo., And Migration Brewing in Portland, Ore. He recently released his first beer for Original 40: Hi Tiki, a 5.0% ABV tropical-inspired sour ale made with pineapple, coconut and Sabro hops. It pours a bright golden yellow and has a tropical taste with moderate acidity.

“Hi Tiki pays tribute to some of my favorite surf trips to the tropics and the drinks I enjoy on the beach,” Kaplan said. “I’m very excited to have this beer as a first release and to get it out just in time for these beautiful summer days in San Diego. I’m fortunate to have the support of the brewery owner Steve Billings, of the beer assistant Janne Altonen and the entire OG40 team as they marked my new beers for me. “

Kaplan began his career in the craft beer industry in 2011, working for Green Flash Brewing Company and later for Saint Archer Brewing Company. He left for Colorado in 2015 and enjoyed time with Denver Beer Company and Upslope Brewing.

Family vacation time for Roadhouse Brewing Co.

Family vacation from Roadhouse Brewing Co

On July 4 he orders an easy-to-drink golden ale and Jackson Hole’s Roadhouse Brewing Co. It comes with a new 16 oz can from your popular family vacation. Crispy and delicately hops, Family Vacation (5.0% ABV) is a shredded golden ale with floral notes, cookie malts and a soft finish. A perfect companion for July 4th, summer get-togethers and of course family vacations.

“This easy-drinking beer has just improved, and it was a no-brainer for us to consider putting Family in a 16 oz can. We want to offer our loyal customers a little more beer in each can, and we’re excited that this Package resize do exactly that. Family vacation in a 16 oz? Yes, please! ” says master brewer Max Shafer.

Epic Brewing Pineapple Creamsicle IPA

The ice cream truck complies with Milkshake IPA com Brewing epic beer presents the best adult gift for adults in its rotating beer series. Buckets of pineapple puree and a lot of milk sugar were poured into this 8.5% ABV IPA to replicate the flavors of a classic cream with a touch of pineapple. “We would have kept it for ourselves, but it started to melt from the fermentation tank, so we decided we could take it and share it.”

Ska Brewing and Manhattan Brewing Company debut with 2 Tone IPA

Ska brewing ipa beer in two tones

Elaboration of Ska i Manhattan Brewing Co. premiered its IPA collaboration, 2 Tone, in Kansas, Colorado and Kansas in late June. Jake Voegeli, who opened Manhattan Brewing in 2020 with Adam Kresbach and Garrett Paulmanwas, was previously the sales manager for Ska’s Midwest in Kansas. Prior to that, it was an initial Wildcats center at Kansas State University.

“Jake is a legendary local football player in Manhattan, and he’s now a thriving craft brewer,” says Peter Archer of Ska Brewing. “2 Tone was a reason for Jake to visit us in Durango, and now it’s our unofficial relaunch in Kansas after two quiet years of pandemic.”

In the true spirit of collaboration, 2 Tone IPA was made in Ska with a variety of yeast from the Manhattan house that they brought to Durango from Kansas. The two beer teams skipped this batch with the modern Sabro hop selections, Sultana and Idaho 7, and chose a jumping program to create juice instead of fog.

“This beer was brewed with the philosophy and technique we developed through our IPA Checkered Future,” says Archer. “Hops additions are late and there are no real bitter additions either.”

The 2-tone IPA cans are purple and silver, Wildcat colors, and will be available to Kansas and Colorado retailers at liquor and keg stores until stocks run out.

Hopcelot IPA made in honor of the popular Vermont band

Lawson’s best liquids announced the regional distribution of Hopcelot IPA (VT, CT, MA, ME, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI). Made with eight varieties of hops from around the world, Hopcelot IPA is a deliciously complex beer with seemingly endless flavor notes inspired by the legendary VT music.

“Hopcelot went from our Taproom fan favorite to the regional fan favorite in its first distribution in the Northeast last year,” said Sean Lawson, CEO and founding brewer of Lawson’s Finest Liquids. “Beer is a truly unique combination of flavors and aromas, and we are delighted to return it this summer. It is a unique tribute to the music and the area where it is made.

Hopcelot IPA was first crafted in celebration of the 15th anniversary of the popular Vermont band, The Grift. The name of the beer is a look at VT’s legendary band, Phish, and their song “Ocelot”. His musical inspirations led to the seemingly endless notes of flavor that result from his diverse hop profile.

With 7% ABV, Hopcelot IPA is made with a blend of Pacific Northwest hops from the US, Australia and New Zealand, creating a beer with a complex flavor profile with an aromatic punch of citrus and pine that produces a fruity finish.

Hopcelot IPA is the latest specialty beer distributed in the Northeast as part of Lawson’s Finest Liquids ’2022 limited release schedule. Great Hopsa black IPA with five varieties of hops, seven malts and a bold flavor profile will make its regional debut in September.

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Brain Training For Dogs

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